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Salonica And Istanbul: Social, Political And Cultural Aspects of Jewish Life
Salonica And Istanbul: Social, Political And Cultural Aspects of Jewish Life
Salonica And Istanbul: Social, Political And Cultural Aspects of Jewish Life
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The present volume is a collection of published and unpublished studies on Ottoman and Greek Jewry, written over the last 20 years. During this period Ihave dedicated myself to understanding why the history of the Jews of Salonica was until recently almost a taboo subject, both for Greek historians'aims in re-writing history with the view of re-descovering the ancient <> of Salonica (which was incorporated to Greece only in 1913), the scarcity of scattered sources on this Jewish community especially after its annihilation by the Germans (who also stole its archives in 1943), was a significant obstacle for both groups. What impressed me, however, was that such justifications, whicih had contributed to the effacement of a vibrant society known as the Jerusalem of the Balkans of the previous 500 years, were easily set aside - or were eagerly examined when a research topic such as the emrgence of Socialism in the city became en vogue. As happened in the 1970s, Socialist Jews, who could not at this juncture be ignored since they were the founders and the long term proponents of the movement in Salonica, seemed to be more easily accepted. In fact, researchers went out of their way to proclaim this to the point of translating Judeo-Spanish sources published in the local Socialist papers. (preserved in the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem)

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